WORK 2020
Sime Darby

An integrated, cross-platform system designed to foster a enduring relationship between automotive dealerships and customers

1. Challenge

Sime Darby is seeking to utilizing digital tools to increase sales and foster customer loyalty.

As a traditional automotive dealership, Sime Darby has been seeking digital transformation to streamline their workflows in order to enhance operational efficiency and drive sales across its network of stores.
On the other hand, currently utilizing the SPARK DMO system developed by BMW for leads management, Sime Darby also aims to reduce reliance on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and foster customer loyalty under its own brand.

2. Solution

An integrated, cross-platform system that connects customers, individual dealerships, and the enterprise as a whole.

Digital Enablement Platform (DEP)

bridging enterprises and individual dealers

In the current automotive distribution landscape, as part of Sime Darby’s digital transformation journey, WeCom emerges as a prime platform facilitating both external private traffic operations and internal management.

Empowering store business and operational management

3. My Contribution

This is the first time I take on a project which has such extensive scope. During the three months dedicated to its development, our team successfully delivered the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the system.
As one of three designers involved, my primary focus was crafting both the UX and UI design for the "Sime Darby Premium" mini program tailored for the customers. Additionally, I collaborated with the team to overhaul the user flow for the entire system and contributed to backend design for dealership operations.

Digital enablement platform · User journey & Backend

Coming Soon

Sime Darby Premium · Mini program

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